Video Tutorials Learn PHP in 14 Days

Web Programing – Video Tutorials Learn PHP in 14 Days
Day 1: Unit 1
Course Introduction

Day 2: Unit 2
PHP Basics

Day 3: Unit 3
Variables and Operators

Day 4: Unit 4
Control Structures and Conditionals
(Loops and If-Statements)

Day 5: Unit 5
Include Files and Functions

Day 6: Unit 6
Forms: Data In, Data Out, Sanitizing

Days 7 and 8: Unit 7

Day 9: Unit 8
Advanced Forms: Pre-population and Pre-selection

Days 10 and 11: Unit 9
Sessions and Cookies

Day 12: Unit 10
Time and Date

Days 13 and 14: Bonus Unit
Working with Files: Receiving Files from Users

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